Percussion Duo Competition

10th February - 18th February 2018

Official Regulations



Please find below the official regulations of the “Percussion Duo 2018” Competition, taking place from 10th February until 18th February 2018, and organised by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg.

You are kindly requested to read the following paragraphs carefully and in case you are interested in taking part, to fill in the registration form and to send it to the office of the Competition.

Please keep your correspondence in the official languages of the Competition: French, English or German.


By applying, every participant entirely accepts the following regulations. The French text constitues the official version of the regulations for the Competition.

For any case of dispute, the courts of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg shall have jurisdiction.


Conditions of admission

The Competition is open to all percussion duos, without distinction of nationality. The total age of their members must not exceed 60 (sixty) years by 10th February 2018; members must not be born before 10th February 1982.

Applications from first prize winners (individuals and ensemble) of previous editions of this Competition will not be accepted.

Details for registration

Registration is only accepted if the official Competition form is used (downloadable at, and if it includes a valid proof of payment of the registration fee as well as the following items (in English, French or German):

for each member of the duo:

  • birth certificate or copy of the identity card/passport (certified copy)
  • curriculum vitae, mentioning the artistic/musical career (studies, teachers)
  • a recent high-quality black-and-white photograph, which is free of copyright and suitable for publicity purposes and publication

for each participating duo: (this material will be used for publicity purposes and publications)

  • text: history and concerts (in English, French or German)
  • a recent high-quality black-and-white photograph, which is free of copyright and suitable for publicity purposes and publication

Application deadline

The deadline for registration is 15th October 2017 (the postmark date will serve as proof).

Number of participating duos

In case the number of registered duos should exceed the maximum capacity of the venue in which the Competition will be held , the managing board of the IPCL may limit the number of participating duos, referring to the chronological order of the dates marked on the postal stamp.

Duos admitted to the Competition will be informed before 15th November 2017.


The non-refundable registration fee totalling 200€ (two hundred Euro) per duo has to be transferred to the following bank account:

Account : IBAN LU33 0021 1506 5450 3900
Bank : Dexia-Banque Internationale à Luxembourg ( BIC/SWIFT: BILLLULL )
Bearer : International Percussion Competition Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
Mention : Registration fee for [ name of duo ]

Cheques, cash transfers or any other money transfers will not be accepted. Bank fees have to be paid by the consignor.

Deadline for settlement of the registration fee: 15th October 2017. Under no circumstances will the registration fee be refunded to accepted duos.


Each duly registered duo will receive an official invitation before 15th November 2017 specifying the date, time and place at which all participants are required to register personally.

Duos not present at the registration desk at the date and hour fixed in the official convocation may not demand to be accepted for the preliminary round.

A drawing to fix the order in which the duos will perform throughout the Competition will be made at the end of this official registration day and before every round.

The duos are allowed to set up their instruments within 15 minutes in the first round and within 20 minutes in the second and third rounds before their performance.

Competitors who are not present on time may not be permitted to perform.

All the performances are public. Taking part in the preliminary round is compulsory.


The managing board of the Competition is entitled to make free use of the information given on the official application form for their own purposes and for publicity.

Participants must waive all rights for:

  • possible radio, TV or/and Internet broadcasts of the different competitions;
  • the official use of photos and recordings (sound, videotape, film, photographs) taken during the Competition.

The participants will not receive any fees or transmission charges.


An internal regulation will fix the different criteria of the jury’s evaluation procedure. The results will be announced after each round. The decisions of the jury are final, irrevocable and there is no right of appeal.

Invites to the jury are :

  • Momoko KAMIYA (J)
  • Katarzyna Mycka (PL)
  • Boris DINEV (BG/L)
  • Philippe LIMOGE (F)
  • Paul MOOTZ (L),chairman
  • Bart QUARTIER (B)
  • Matthias SCHMITT (D)


Official Prizes:

  • First prize: 15.000€
  • Second prize: 9.000€
  • Third prize: 5.000€

Special Prizes:

  • Public prize ‘Jean Gieres’: 1.000€
    Prize winner determined by the audience during the final round

  • ‘Ady Mootz’ prize: 1.000€
    Prize for the best interpretation of the set piece in the semi-final

Duos who qualify for the semi-finals will be given a diploma.

The jury will reserve the right not to allocate all the prizes.


The repertoire (compulsory and choice pieces) for the various rounds is enclosed (see appendix).

Free choice pieces can be either:

  • pieces from the limited choice table (semi-final - group B) listed in the appendix.
  • pieces not mentioned in the Competition repertoire. In this case, the candidates are requested to send a copy of the piece, including its duration to the office of the IPCL by 15th October 2017. The managing board may refuse free choice pieces.

Candidates’ choice pieces making use of electronic equipment (audio, media, CD, PC, amplifying equipment, etc.) in their achievement will not be accepted.

The managing board may impose cuts for timing reasons, in which case the duos will be informed by 1st January 2018 at the latest. In order to respect the durations of each round, the duos can also suggest cuts for the free choice pieces. These cuts must be clearly communicated on the inscription form.

The requested timings for each round can not be exceeded. Duos who don’t respect these limits may be disqualified. During the Competition period (preliminary round, semifinal, final) no musical piece can be performed more than once by the same duo.


The duos are allowed to bring their own instruments to the Competition.

The following instruments are at the participants’ disposal on the spot: marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, glockenspiel, tubular bells, timpani, bass drums, snare drums, drum sets, tom-toms, bongos, cymbal stands and gong stands. Any other instruments, such as cymbals or accessories, have to be provided by the duos.

Regarding the free choice pieces, participants cannot request instruments other than those listed above.


The management of the Competition places a string quartet at the disposal of the duos for the set piece in the final round. The duos are allocated two rehearsals with the string quartet on stage.

Duos may be accompanied, at their own costs, by a string quartet of their choosing.


Location :

Music Conservatoire of Luxembourg-City
33, rue Charles Martel
L-2134 Luxembourg
Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
phone (+352) 47 96-5555
fax (+352) 44 96 86

Provisional planning :

Saturday, 10th February 2018

09h00–11h00: Arrival and registration of the duos at the Music Conservatoire of Luxembourg-City
12h00: Preparing the preliminary round: briefing and drawing lots in presence of all participants

Sunday, 11th February 2018 :

Preliminary round

Monday, 12th February 2018 :

Preliminary round

Tuesday, 13th February 2018 :

Preliminary round, decision of the jury and drawing lots

Thursday, 15th February 2018 :


Friday, 16th February 2018 :

Semi-finals, decision of the jury and drawing lots

Sunday, 18th February 2018 :

15h00: Finals, decision of the jury
21h00: Prize ceremony


Candidates must make the arrangements for accommodation and cover the costs themselves. A list of hotels can be consulted at

Obtaining appropriate travel documents and insurance is the sole responsibility of each competitor. The management of the Competition accepts no liability of any kind whatsoever for any personal illness or injury sustained by competitors, nor for loss or damage to a competitor’s belongings, including instruments during transit or while at the Competition.

A lump sum of 100€ per night and per duo will be reimbursed by the management of the Competition for semi-finalists (nights between 13th and 17th February 2018) and for finalists (nights between 17th and 19th February 2018).



Total performance duration: 20 minutes

A) Set piece
Prize-winning work of the IPCL Composition Contest: Astral Trip (Jiaying Zhou)
available at Percussion Brandt (, )

B) Piece of candidates’ choice


Total performance duration: 30 minutes

A) Set Piece
Jacob TER VELDHUIS - Goldrush - Donemus Publishing

B) One of the following pieces:

  • Robert MARINO - Eight on 3 and Nine on 2 - Tapspace Publications
  • Gene KOSHINSKI - As One - Honeyrock
  • Boris DINEV - Na Shefa - Edition Axent
    Imposed cuts:
    The piece starts at letter A
    Page 12 : Cut from Ad libitum up to letter C (4/4)
    Page 15 : Cut from letter D up to 2/4
  • Tomer YARIV - Gyro - Innovative Percussion

C) Piece of the candidates’ choice


Total performance duration: 35 minutes

A) Set Piece
Work commissioned to Alex MULLENBACH, Luxembourgish Composer
The commissioned piece will be sent to the candidates before 15th November 2017

B) Récital Max. duration : 20 minutes
The performance must include :

  • One baroque piece (1600–1750) transcribed for Mallet Duo
  • Between 2 and 4 original pieces of the candidates’ choice