Official Regulations


Please find below the official regulations of the 2nd Composition Competition for percussion trio organised by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg.
You are kindly requested to read them carefully and in case of interest, to register directly on our website.

Please keep your correspondences in the official languages of the Competition: French or English.

General conditions

By applying, every participant entirely accepts the following regulations, the French text being the reference text.
For any case at issue, the Luxembourgish court will have jurisdiction.


The subject of the Composition Competition of the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg ( IPCL ) is a work for percussion trio.

Duration: 7-8 minutes

Each player should use one mallet instrument (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel) and some of the following instruments:

  • Timpani
  • Snare drums, bongos, tomtoms, bass drums
  • Templeblocks, woodblocks, claves
  • Suspended Cymbals, hihat, 1-2 tamtams/gongs, triangles

The use of electronics is not permitted.

In April 2020, the jury of the Competition will select the prize-winning work, which will be the setpiece for the 1st round of the Percussion-Trio Competition 2021 organised by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg and taking place from 13th until 21th February 2021.

Presentation of the composition

The musical score, in PDF format, may be handwritten or in electronic form, but must be perfectly legible.

The Competition is anonymous. All references on the score to the composer’s name, city, place of employment, or any other identifying notation must be removed completely. Any marks breaking the anonymity of the submission will disqualify the entry.

The language of all used musical terms and expressions should be in English or Italian. The composer is allowed to add a short presentation of his work.

Admission requirements

Age limit

The Competition is open to any person without limit of age.

Details for registration

Candidates may register directly on our website

Registration will not be considered as final until the following documents have been received:

  • Musical score (cf. presentation of the composition) as well as the following documents:
  • curriculum vitae, mentioning the artistic/musical career (studies, teachers …)
  • birth certificate or copy of the identity card/passport (certified copy)
  • valid proof of payment of the registration fee
  • a recent high-quality black/white photo which is free of copyright and suitable for publicity purposes and publication

Composers may enter any number of pieces they wish into the Competition but must pay the registration fee for each piece entered.

Application deadline

September 16th, 2019: Opening of the registration
March 25th, 2020: Deadline for submission

Registration fee

The registration fee for the IPCL Composition Competition is 20€ (twenty euro) per piece and has to be transferred to the following bank account:

Account: IBAN LU33 0021 1506 5450 3900
Bank: Dexia-Banque Internationale à Luxembourg ( BIC/SWIFT: BILLLULL )
Bearer: International Percussion Competition Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
Mention: Registration fee for [ name of the composer ]

Cheques, cash transfers or any other money transfers will not be accepted.
Bank fees have to be paid by the consignor.
In any case, the registration fee is not refundable.


In April 2020 the jury of the Competition will select the prize-winning work. The result will be posted on the website :

The winner will receive a personal confirmation.

Official Prize

The winning composition is awarded with 2500 € and will be world-premiered in February 2021 during the preliminary round (open to the public) of the IPCL - Percussion Trio Competition in Luxembourg. A record will be made to the archives of the said Competition. This record will be issued to the composer exclusively for promotional purposes.


The decisions of the jury are irrevocable. By agreeing to take part in the Competition, all competitors undertake to accept and not contest these decisions.

Are invited in the jury:

  • Matthias SCHMITT (D)
  • Nicolas MARTYNCIOW (F)
  • Roland WILTGEN (L)
  • Paul MOOTZ (L), chairman
  • N.N.


The submitted composition(s) must be free of any rights and unpublished, that means it/they must not have been publicly performed, broadcast, published, copied or circulated in any other way.
Candidates are not allowed to interpret the submitted composition(s) before the results announced by the jury, April 2020.

Non-selected applicants will have full ownership of their work and will be allowed to play their composition(s) once the decision of the jury has been announced. In contrast, the winning work must not be played before the IPCL Trio Competition in February 2021.

The award-winning work remains the full and entire property of its author. However, the later undertakes to mention the name of “International Percussion Competition Luxembourg “ on all visual and sound media showing the title of the work (the publishing of the score, CD, DVD, books, programs, posters, etc.). The winning work will be marked “Winner of the IPCL - Composition Competition - Edition TRIO 2021”.