viewing in private

  • 3-4 minutes extract of a work without keyboard percussion which can appear in the programme of the trio
  • J.S. BACH: three-voice fugue (cf. repertoire final round)


Total performance duration: 20 minutes

A) Set pieces:

  • prize-winning work of the 2nd IPCL Composition Contest
    available by January 2021 at Percussion BRANDT
  • Wolfgang RIHM
    Universal Edition

B) Piece of candidates’ choice


Total performance duration: 30 minutes

A) Set Pieces:

B) Musical accompaniment to a short film provided by IPCL (duration: 3min)

The musical material can be either existing pieces, improvised or composed material.
Access to the short film will be activated on 1st October, 2021 for the trios registered.

C) Piece(s) of candidates’ choice


Total performance duration: 35 minutes

A) Set piece:

Work commissioned to Georges SADELER, Luxembourgish Composer
available by 15 October 2021 at Percussion BRANDT

B) Récital (Max. duration: 20 minutes)

The performance must include:

  • One of the following fugues transcribed for Marimba Trio
    Johann Sebastian BACH
    Well-tempered Clavier I
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 3 en do# mineur (BWV 848)
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 15 en sol majeur (BWV 860)
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 19 en la majeur (BWV 864)
    Well-tempered Clavier II
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 4 en do# mineur (BWV 873)
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 11 en fa majeur (BWV 880)
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 12 en fa mineur (BWV 881)
    – Fuga a 3 voci no. 24 en si mineur (BWV 893
  • Between 1 and 3 original pieces of candidates’ choice